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Fanservice made right

Often, in recent years, the word "fanservice" took a negative, almost exclude a priori the quality of the gameplay or the level of attention to detail of a production: this happened because, to be fair, many software house (Japanese and otherwise) have abused the unconditional love of the public for their characters, often entering the market securities whose real value did not match the name that brought heavy.
Q person appears to have been produced for the sole purpose of rehabilitating the word in question and return them a glimmer of dignity: the narrative track and the entire cast of characters are the apotheosis of fanservice for fans of the last two episodes of the saga of Person, yet this does not detract nor the quality of the writing nor the desire to find out how it will end the story told, although the standards achieved by the two regular episodes are far away in terms of complexity and enjoyment of the plot.

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Moreover, it was not easy to force teams Persona 3 and Persona 4 in one story arc, making them interact with each other and also giving full meaning to the whole progression: the writers of Atlus they succeeded, although relying on a starting pretentious and exaggerating the amount of dialogue, so as to create the dungeon crawler more story driven than the Japanese software house has produced recently.

After an opening movie really classy, that makes you appreciate the work of readjustment made on the characters (with hours of proportions chibi), we will have to choose whether to play as the leader of the third or fourth episode, with the ability to select, however, as member of the party, the character was defeated by this choice.
Of mysteries, which, in the best traditions for the series, beginning in the Velvet Room, with its look from the films of David Lynch and his music persuasive: we will meet nell'amatissima Yasogami High , festively decorated for the school festival, but, under the glitter and the stands, themed hidden mysteries disturbing, populated by mazes of monsters to a clock tower popped out of nowhere, without forgetting Zen and Rei, the only two unpublished added to the stellar cast of the original.
The lack of memory of the two does not allow to quickly dissipate any doubts, and our team that remains is to explore the mysterious maze of the structure looking for a way out.
The only problem with the entire sector narrative lies in the strong links that bind him to the episodes of the regular series of Person: as is often the case for games rated as the fanservice, only the fans will

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