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Phone tracker Software - Free

Phone tracker Software

Looking for spyware powerful and discreet mobile phone? You are well fallen. Discreet Spy provided the best and this completely free of charge.

Spy mobile software Free Smartphone / GSM

Discover now our spy software for mobile available directly on line (without installation).

To use, nothing more simple, click one of the buttons available on this page, enter the required information of your target, and leave the rest to us. Fill the anti-spam verification, and voila.

Discover LE software that will revolutionize your life.
Thanks to the prowess of the web and mobile development and the advancement of the mobile spy technology, our company is proud to present its new jewel in the world of phone espionage.

With this spy for phone you can monitor and spy on anyone. Your Wife, your husband, your children, or people who work for you.

With our engineering developers, nothing prevents you to track down anyone, read the SMS he receives, or access its pictures or Snapchat account.

The spyware mobile phone is limitless, and you will very easily get the information you crave. An important point to note: We developed it so "easy even for Zeros", that means it is very easy to use even for someone who does not understand technology.

Phone Tracker

Spy Phone software - Presentation
Free Phone tracker software

Our spy software for mobile phones is overkill LE software that will allow you to answer all the questions you are asking constantly to see if someone is lying to you.

With it, nothing prevents you from sneaking and take control of a smartphone in minutes. You think your kids are lying to you? You suspect your spouse to see someone else? Think that resells used private information business?

You now have the ability to ensure and finally whether you're wrong or right.

From now you can read SMS / MMS to any mobile phone, access the inbox, upload photos and videos, turn on the microphone and this so completely invisible, access to any type of instant messenger .

Even better, you get ALL of the A phone call history, even if it has been deleted, you can get a list of websites accessed on the mobile smartphone. The spyware also allows you to track the journeys made through the GPS tracking tool for all smartphones

In conclusion, you will have almost full access to the device while being completely invisible because the spyware is undetectable to the phone.

Operation of spy software for mobile phones
Our software was developed on a cross-platform technology. This means it is compatible with all smartphones currently available on the market which differentiates software of our competitors who are not yet valid on each type of smartphone.

After testing, we can brag that our spy software has been detected by any of the current mobile anti-virus. This means that no one can detect the spy smartphone.

You now have a wealth of handy information as you will have access to all data passing over the mobile phone.

a spy phone free

Our spy software for smartphone phone records all data transmitted to the mobile phone. These are then stored directly in your admin interface from where you can access all the information that interests you.

You can access the interface of the mobile spy software from any interface: PC, MAC, Smartphone or Tablet.

The phone ratted sending all data at T directly to your administration interface. It records all SMS / MMS, E-mail, the calls ... And of course, even if the person's deleted his phone, all data will remain accessible on your interface. We can not hide anything from you through the power of the spyware for mobile smartphone that we have developed for people like you.

It is necessary to note that the update are instantly on the admin panel. This allows you, for example, if you are connected to the administration, to listen to a phone conversation while it is in progress. Still seeing an SMS even if it is deleted to hide things ...

Also note that you can remove on your own mobile Phone tracker software whenever you want. This is done with a few clicks from your admin panel. Beware though, if you delete the cookie, you will lose the same time all the data that have been recorded on the administration panel.

The spy cell Phone tracker smartphone is completely undetectable. It is discreet, invisible, do not take up space and slow down at any time mobile phone. In short: It is essential that you lack now spy.

Especially since this software will continue to evolve to meet ever-increasing demands of our users.

We are currently developing new functions such as importing data available on DropBox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.

With the free license available under the GPL (Free as freedom), you can spy on several smartphones simultaneously. You can thus spy on the smartphone of your spouse, your children or that of your assistant as you suspect resale confidential data.

Of course it will be available on the same administrative interface.

Totally invisible, our spy software for mobile phones will allow you to discover in one click what bothers you in your life. In addition, our boot to root system will install the software in less time than it takes to think about it.

The features of our spy software for smartphone

Our spy is a spy technology has been developed by a hacker Chapeau Blanc (Hacker who does good, not evil as a black hat) who discovered that his girlfriend was cheating on him for years and who has decided to put its technology available to all and that gratuitously under the GPL.

With our spy, this is what you can do:

Listen and record all calls made or received on the mobile phone.
Instant access to all the phone's call log smartphone.
Get live information on telephone numbers. (Last, First, geolocation)
Live location of the phone and display of journeys.
Read and save all written exchanges that pass on the phone. SMS / MMS, email, messages Snapchat well as photos and videos. (NB. The conversations are recorded automatically Although touted target deletes messages, they will remain available in your administration interface)
Access to all the multimedia (photos, videos, voice recordings, notes ...) who are or have been on the phone. Even if the documents have been removed, you can always get from your administrator panel.
Observe all internets tours through the analyzer and the database backup history of the mobile web. The words of his passes also recorded automatically on your admin panel to check the veracity of all recorded data.
Important note: The software fully meets the criteria of legality in the context of mobile spying. You can use it without any worries.

You will also notice that the software is currently available in two languages. French and English. You choose what you prefer.

Why use our mobile Phone tracker software.
Mobile Spy for free

Our mobile spy spy is the ultimate resource that you lack to raise any suspicions you may have on your surroundings.

Gps Phone Tracker

The spyware smartphone will let you know in a few clicks if you have worry about anything for your family, for your children or for yourself.

Our software offers a set of tools spying pushed to the extreme. All without any restrictions and without any risk of detection by anti-virus software. It is completely Proof Anti-Virus, which means that no one can ever suspecting a spy software for mobile phones is installed on their favorite smartphone.

The spy phone to allow you to remove the doubts you may have in mind receiving support live a summary of activity directly to your admin panel.

You can even install spyware directly to your phone to prevent theft, for example.

By doing this, you will be able to track the geographical shift thanks to geolocation phone or reading SMS / MMS which will help the forces of order to find your cell phone.

Why hesitate to install it. With our open-source software, you can remove all the stress behind you and finally see reality through a simple free spyware ...

Will you pass the course of the truth?

Installing spyware free
Extremely easy to use, the spyware is installed in less than 5 minutes. For this simply first download the file containing the admin panel software and explanatory videos (remember that you can contact us anytime, we answer on average in less than 15 minutes ...)

This is the essential step, then you will find the explanation of the installation of spyware directly in the downloaded folder.

Note however that you will be asked to confirm the telephone number of the target. This is explained in the downloaded documents.

You can then in less than 5 minutes to reach your target cell phone, read SMS, listen to telephone conversations, and access to messaging, watching his messenger and facebook messages that unlimited and free of charge.

Undetectable spyware free
Free spy for smartphone

Completely revolutionary in the world of mobile Phone trackerware. Our software is currently the ultimate solution that will allow you to access all the data that you are hidden.

The software is a master work in the development of art, and you can quickly realizing when you access a few clicks to all the targeted cell phone data.

You can manually remove spyware from a smartphone directly from your administration interface, but remember that by doing this you will lose all data that have been recorded up to that point. Made careful because it is irreversible. Indeed, for privacy concerns, we do not store any data on our servers after deleting the spyware smartphone.

SmartPhone tracker Software - The arguments to convince you.
The best argument and easiest to find: Our software is free under the GPL open source license, what it costs you to try?

Our spy is completely invisible and is currently the software of choice for smartPhone trackering.

It is so simple to use that a child could install and use ...

So what are you waiting for access to software that will allow you to answer all the questions that bother you?

- - -
Update 2/21/2016:

- Modification WebDesign to make it more attractive and easier to use interface.
- Updating rooters 5.3 to make the faster interface.
- Adding a speed-rank to facilitate the delivery of data.
- Added a socket-slot to exchange data more stable.

Our team is proud to unveil the updates that allow a real boost to kick our free spyware for phones. Feel free to comment and give us your opinion about these improvements, and points to work for the next update.

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